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GoCool Tiffin

We make good quality vegetarian food at reasonable prices and provide a variety of it during the week so that our customers don’t get bored eating the same thing every day.


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Today's Lunchtime Tiffin - £7.50

Weekly Tiffin..

Today's Dinnertime Tiffin - £7.50

Weekly Tiffin..

Weekly Lunchtime Tiffin - £7.50/day

Weekly Tiffin..

Weekly Dinnertime Tiffin - £7.50/day

Weekly Tiffin..

Online Order & Home Delivery

Order Online

We now offer online ordering for all your favourite dishes, Tiffins and Lunch Platters.

Weekly Tiffin Order

Now you can order Lunch & Dinner Times Tiffins on a Weekly basis without hassle.


Home Delivery

Food orders will be delivered to your doorstep within the timeframe we specify.

Catering Services

GoCool strives to deliver extraordinary food with unrivalled service, as well as exceptional value for money. All of our professional and inexpensive fixed-price catering packages do not include hidden costs or extra charges.

From business and corporate events to birthday parties, we cater for all types of events.

You don’t need to worry about catering since our team will do the hard work for you. Our collection of dishes comes in a variety of styles to cater to a variety of events.